What is e-asistan?

This is a new age executive assistant service. If you are a professional employer or an entrepreuner who owns or is starting a new business, or too engaged and swampted with social events planning and organizations, or an artist with too many things to do, maybe a blogger, YouTuber or Instagram influencer and it is getting more more difficult to struggle with your busy lifestyle, then e-asistant may be right for you!

Without having to hire someone, you can easily purchase this service smart and flexible pricing plans.

After making a purchase, someone from our experienced team will contact you to assess your exact needs and requirements.  Once your specific needs have ben assessed, you will be paired with one of our talented assistants. All of our talented assistants have more than 5 years of job experiences and fluent English speakers.  You will have the ability and flexibility to use your hours in the most efficient manner to get things done.

As the trends and requirements of doing business are rapidly changing, you can catch those trends and needs with your very own smart, economic, and practical personal e-asistan assistant that is %100 up to speed with all the challenges, changes, and demands of today’s businesses. 


Our professional team of executive assistants is always ready to support you for anything you need for your business.


As we get to know you and assess your specific needs, we will pair you with the assistant that matches your requirements the most.


We can assist in the planning process of your trip, and will always be there for you if you need anything during your travel.

Who do we work for?








Anyone with a long

to do list


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