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e-asistan can find you a solution partner. Not knowing who to trust sometimes, it is difficult to figure out who or what company to work with or partner in your field. Conducting due diligence and trying to assess all the details when searching for an individual or company to do business with can be time consuming and costly. This is where e-asistan can be of assistance to you by taking the load off your shoulders and performing the research necessary to help you save time, reduce cost, and make decisions more efficiently. e-asistan can help you find a solution partner, and follow-up on your behalf wherever your business needs appear.

Press releases, interview, advertisements.
Lawyer & Legal counsel.
Tours for groups, visa procedures, etc.
Import, export & exclusive consignments.
Home & office decorations and restoration projects.
Building apps, web sites or any other technical support.
Special days, parties, weddings, receptions, events.
Official Procedures of foreign citizens.
Professional translation services in every language.
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